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T10 League Matches | T10 Cricket League Dubai 2018 All Matches Details

T10 League 2018 matches will start from 23 Nov all matches will play at Sharjah Cricket Stadium UAE.  Total 30 matches will played between 8 teams of T10 Leauge

T10 Cricket League UAE 2018 Matches

1 Rajputs vs Karachians 1st Match


2 Punjabi Legends vs Bengal Tigers 2nd Match


3 Kerala Kings vs Pakhtoons 3rd Match


4 Rajputs vs Pakhtoons 4th Match


5 Rajputs vs Pakhtoons 4th Match


6 Karachians vs Kerala Kings 5th Match


7 Northern Warriors vs Maratha Arabians 6th Match


8 Karachians vs Pakhtoons 7th Match


9 Maratha Arabians vs Bengal Tigers 8th Match


10 Punjabi Legends vs Northern Warriors 9th Match


11 Bengal Tigers vs Northern Warriors 10th Match


12 Maratha Arabians vs Punjabi Legends 11th Match


13 Rajputs vs Kerala Kings 12th Match


14A1 vs B2 13th Match


15 A3 vs B4 14th Match


16 A2 vs B3 15th Match


17A4 vs B1 16th Match


18 A2 vs B4 17th Match


19 A1 vs B3 18th Match


20 A3 vs B1 19th Match


21 A2 vs A4 20th Match


22 A1 vs B4 20th Match


23 A3 vs B2 21st Match


24 A2 vs B1 22nd Match


25 A4 vs B1 23rd Match


26Qualifier 1 – 1st vs 2nd 24th Match


27 Eliminator 1 – 3rd vs 4th 25th Match


28 Eliminator 2 – runner-up match 25 vs runner-up match 26 26th Match


29 3rd place-play-off 27th Match


30Final T10 League 2018 Match

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